Our Summer Adventure
June 9th, 2009

Our Woogie Wednesdays will be turning into Woogie Weekends this summer and probably continue from now on. Since the Woog will start Kindergarten in the fall, Wednesdays will be full of school work during the day and church a night. We’ll see what we can fit in during Wednesdays though.

This summer we’ve decided to spend our weekends on my grandparent’s farm, enjoying the outdoors while doing some improvements to the farm house. I blogged about this more on my blog if you wanted to know more.

These weekends will consists of different “art” projects for the Woog and I. This past weekend was our first weekend and we both started an illustrated journal to document our summer. She didn’t get into it as much as I did but still drew some pictures about what she saw as we explored the farm.

cover: Conger Walker On the Farm 2009

butterfly & grasshopper

category: on the farm

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