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March 11th, 2010

What do you do when your friend breaks your favorite blue plastic headband at rest time? You make a peacock – and that’s what we did!

The Woog was so upset when I picked her up from school yesterday but luckily we turned that frown upside down and made a Woogie Wednesday project out of the apparently catastrophic event:

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there’s a woogie in my hoogie
March 8th, 2010

Last week was Dr. Seuss week for the Woog and I found thins cute little drawing in her folder:

We also worked on a Woogie Wednesday/Weekday/Weekend project of the Cat in The Hat:

Check out her wocket in her pocket costume here.

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Snow Day Project
February 2nd, 2010

It’s Tuesday, but I’m posting a Woogie Wednesday/Weekend today. It was a snow day so the Woog wanted to work on a project for her teacher so we made a snowman together.

Here’s what we started with:

And the finished product:

She’s very excited to give it to Mrs. M. tomorrow!

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1 day to go!
August 13th, 2009

One last piece of art to wrap up the countdown. This has been in my sketchbook for a while and thought it was a perfect piece for this little series.

Tomorrow is THE day!!

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Happy Earth Day!
April 26th, 2009

I forgot to post this over here on Wednesday but the Woog and I worked on an Earth Day project for Woogie Wednesday:

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March 11th, 2009

It’s Wednesday and we stayed in today so we had time for a Woogie Wednesday project. We finally got around to making a unicorn (since we abandoned our one from before) and these were the parts we used (plus a few more small add-ons later):

She did all the “rainbow” painting and I did the embellishments. It turned out to be more of a pegasus than a unicorn. When it all dries she will put it in “her studio.”

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Pumpkin Junkin’ 2008
September 10th, 2008

We haven’t been doing Woogie Wednesday projects in a while. She’s more interested in coloring pages from noggin. But today we worked on her pumpkin for this year’s Pumpkin Junkin’ It’s a one-winged butterfly, but I’m sure you could tell just by looking.

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Unicorn pieces
July 9th, 2008

We’re starting a little late today because I had a project to finish up and the Woog decided to take a 3+ hour nap so we probably won’t have the finished product to show until tomorrow.

She knew right off the bat what she wanted to make so for the first time, I let her pick out the items for it. The first thing she dug out was a box of pencils and declared that it would be the horn (glad she’s seeing a vision with different objects) and the frame would be the head and the Melissa & Doug puzzle box would be the grass. The star and hardware bits were extra things she just threw in. I’m guessing he also wants to paint something purple. We’ll see how it goes!

Oh, and today she drew one of the best portraits I think she has ever drawn. You can see it here.

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uncle sam
July 4th, 2008

Completed! The Woog’s involvement was pretty minimal for this one than it usually is. Since her daddy was home she wanted to play with him a lot which worked out well for this piece since I did a lot of painted detail.

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uncle sam progress
July 4th, 2008

Happy 4th!! We’re working on the base of Uncle Sam and doing this one a little different by using clay (she made the “snakes” for his hair and beard) and painting the body in gouache. We’ll then junk it up from there. Check back later…

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