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Hair Dyeing
June 22nd, 2011

Finally a Woogie Wednesday to post. Our projects together this summer have been abandoned or on going but today we did a short project. We dyed our hair. We previously tried Kool-Aid but it pretty much all rinsed out afterward so we went with semi-permanent color. She went with pink and I went with purple. Unfortunately (or fortunately as a 30 something mother of 2) my purple bangs are more subtle and don’t really show up in a photograph.

The goop:

The end result:

Not a bright as she wanted but I wasn’t going to bleach her hair and I didn’t want to leave it on too long so this will have to do and will hopefully be gone buy the time school starts.

Thing 1, I mean Ocee’s hair on the other hand took the color really well!

Just kidding. He’s such a good sport to entertain & put up with us all!

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